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Pushing or dropping random objects [example: a supers’ size keychain] onto the canvas drawing around them and repeating until a number of abstract shapes are created. These shapes are then filled by brushing in more watercolor.

[see figure: top]


Strategically applied pastel followed by three drops of matte acrylic varnish. Brush mixture vigorously over canvas the gently wipe away excess in selected areas.

[see figure: middle]


A layer of tinted acrylic is applied with a compressed air paint sprayer. Acrylic spray paint with a combination of hand and machine cut stencils are used to introduce patterns with spraypaint. Then the paint sprayer is gently used once again.

[see figure: bottom]

[oil and graphite]

The white design is finally painted into a graphite outline followed by two layers of acrylic. Lastly an oil paint and cold wax mixture is applied using tools more commonly used for sculpture.

[see figure: final paintings]

176 11x14 300dpi step1 -web.jpg
176 11x14 300dpi step2 - web.jpg
176 11x14 300dpi step3- web.jpg
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