© 2020 - all images and ideas copyright of  Jack McTiernan


My newest series referred to as [ -+-=+] (negative plus negative equals positive) is an exploration in creating dynamic backgrounds. Expanding on my knowledge of art material, I used a combination of materials to add energy to the negative space. All pieces contain layers of watercolor, pastel, acrylic [spraypaint and airbrush], graphite and a final layer of oil. They also follow accepted techniques used for creating archival paintings.

Negative spaces created by mementos and found objects were used to start the base layers. These layers were built on by filling some of those spaces with pastel. Then further layers of acrylic were applied, filling the negative spaces with patterns created by found objects and stencils. All of these layers mould together to form a positive space that creates the background for the landscape which is created by removing the color with a layer of white oil paint.

These pieces highlight how daily responsibilities distract people from the beauty in everyday surroundings. Beauty can be in everything we admire with a quick glance. I find a lot of beauty in the shapes that are created by what mankind has built to fill the landscape (buildings and bridges even streetlights and stop signs.) I like to admire them and envision them as beautiful stone sculptures with a colorful sunset backdrop. I hope you enjoy having these images in your home as much as I enjoyed extracting them from my memories.